Kube: Pythonic Kubernetes API Wrapper

Kube is an opinionated, Python wrapper around the Kubernetes API that enables you to interact with and manage your Kubernetes cluster. Kube’s primary design goal is to enable easy access to all features offered by the Kubernetes API using the Python language, while hiding Kubernetes API peculiarities. The result is a consistent and easy to use pythonic API.

Currently, Kube has the following capabilities:

  • Major resources wrapped: Nodes, Namespaces, Pods, ReplicaSets, ReplicationControllers, Daemonsets, Deployments, Services, Secrets.
  • Good labelling support, you can read and modify resource labels.
  • Blocking and non-blocking support for the WATCH API.
  • Low-level access to the Kubernetes API.

At the moment creating, deleting and modifying resources in general must be done via the low level access Kube provides to the actual Kubernetes API however these features are in the process of being added.


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